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Dedicated to the Practice of Business and Corporate Law

We work with multinational companies that do business in the United States. We help them with a broad range of business matters, such as service and commercial agreements, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, and general business and corporate transactions. We also help our clients cross borders with our top-notch international transactions practice.

We work extensively with inbound multinational companies from Latin America and other parts of the world. We work exclusively with small to middle-market companies and routinely serve in the role of a general counsel of our clients.

Our mission is to give your company real life, practical solutions to your legal needs. We do this by providing legal services with Excellence, Efficiency, and Efficacy. Period.



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The Driving Force Behind Our Legal Innovation

Gabriela N. Smith

“I run a successful and growing law firm because, unlike most other law firms, I get it: The practice of law is not about the lawyer or law firm being the protagonist. It is about the client and their success. We help our clients shine. When they celebrate, we celebrate. We are in it together. I make every attempt to let our clients know that they come first and that our team will adapt and respond to their needs.”

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