100 Billion Dollars.  According the new Argentine Government, that is the figure the country needs to be competitive in the world marketplace again – after more than a decade of clamps and shackles on foreign money entries.  The need for developing infrastructure projects – in services, technology, energy, agriculture, and other industries – is so big that the new administration estimates that the country needs $100 Billion US in order to achieve its targets.

So far, there have been a series of announcements of new investment plans in various areas for nearly $20 Million US in disbursements coming from multinationals such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Fiat, Dow, Siemens, and others, for the next four years.

The strategy for searching for international companies interested in participating in the local economy is part of the Government´s policy of changing the world´s perception about Argentina. The official aim is to demonstrate that Argentina is now an open country that wants to be on the map of worldwide assets again as it tries to normalize its relations with developed economies.

One of the means of accomplishing that objective is the recent creation of a new governmental agency – the Argentine Investments and International Commerce Agency (“Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercio Internacional”) aimed at obtaining private investments from foreign companies.  The agency’s first step is to organize the Forum of Investments and Business, which will be held September 12 through 15 in Buenos Aires.  For Forum is expected to attract over 2,000 entrepreneurs, directors of companies, investors, and national and foreign business leaders.  National Ministers and province Governors will present their visions for their regions as well as existing opportunities for investments. Shaped after the Davos Forum, the Forum will have sectoral topics (such as current business climate, innovation, investment legal framework, among others) and an interactive format.

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