Gabriela Smith was selected by CESSI (Cámara de Empresas de Software y Servicios Informáticos/ The Chamber of Software and Computer Services Companies) as a go-to law firm for Argentinian nearshore companies doing business in the United States. The firm will provide general counsel services for companies looking to expand to the U.S. as well as companies that are already established in the U.S. who have recurring legal issues. The partnership provides members of CESSI that have a significant volume of legal matters in the U.S. and need a lawyer of base and confidence to manage, carry and monitor the processes (negotiations, services agreements, lines of credit, and other types of contracts and transactions with complexity).

Since 1990, CESSI has accompanied the evolution of the Argentine and global IT market. The non-profit organization brings together regional companies and entities dedicated to the development, production, marketing and implementation of software and all the variants of services in the entire field of Argentinian republic.

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