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In her journey from the bustling world of Alitalia’s travel desk in 2008 to becoming a pivotal force in PwC’s Finance team, Mayra Anahi Molesz has seamlessly woven adaptability, dedication, and professional growth.
Her venture into the intricate realm of Amadeus, providing Help Desk support for travel agencies in Canada and the United States, marked the beginning of a transformative trajectory. From unraveling the complexities of reservation systems to navigating the dynamic landscape of social media as YPF’s Social Moderator, Mayra’s versatility became her hallmark.
As a Customer Assistance Coordinator at Assist Card, she played a vital role in providing round-the-clock support through the Official App, streamlining medical assistance coordination for international travelers.
Mayra’s narrative is more than a series of roles; it’s a testament to her commitment to excellence and adaptability. Her progression through diverse roles mirrors her journey from Alitalia’s agent to PwC’s Finance specialist for the United States.


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