What is an LLC?

An LLC stands for limited liability company. It is a legal entity formed under state law. It is intended to shield its owners from personal liability.

What is an LLC Member?

A Member is an owner in an LLC.

What is an LLC Manager?

An LLC Manager is the person authorized to act for the LLC. It can be another legal entity (i.e. an LLC or corporation) or a physical person. An LLC needs at least one manager.

What is a Director?

A director is the person that manages the affairs of a corporation. A corporation needs at least one director.

What is a corporation?

A corporation is a legal entity formed under state law.

What is a shareholder?

A Shareholder is an owner in a corporation.

Is there a yearly cost to keep the LLC or Corporation active?

The state and federal government do not charge to keep your legal entity active.

What types of business can the LLC or Corporation engage in?

Generally, any lawful business may be performed via an LLC or Corporation, such as services, products, and the such. An LLC can engage in commerce locally within the United States and can also engage in international business or commerce.

Is there a minimum amount of investment that must be made to start an LLC or Corporation?

No, there is not a minimum amount to deposit or invest by law.

How fast are LLCs and corporation projects completed?

We work as a team with you and the speed depends on your collaboration with us.

Once you pay and submit your questionnaire, we review the information you provide and we try to review everything within 48 hours and let you know if we have questions or need modifications. If we have questions or modifications, we will email you at the email you provided.

Once we receive your response, we submit the filing. to the state within 48 hours.

In Texas, the Secretary of State generally takes 48 hours to review and approve filings. In other states it might take longer.

In all, LLCs can be formed as quickly as in a few days

What is included with the LLC formation service?

The LLC formation service includes:

  • The state fees;
  • Articles of Formation;
  • Company Agreement;
  • Organizational Meeting; and
  • Explanation of how to use your LLC and best practices.

What is included with the corporation formation service?

The corporation formation service includes:

  • The state fees;
  • Articles of Formation;
  • Bylaws;
  • Organizational Meeting; and
  • Explanation of how to use your corporation and best practices.

Do I interact with a lawyer through the Aguila service?

Our attorneys supervise your project. If our team has questions for you, one of our attorneys, paralegals or legal clerks may be in contact with you, generally by email.

If you want to speak with an attorney for a longer consultation, we suggest that you book a consultation with an attorney. Our attorneys will be happy to meet with you. Contact our attorneys here https://gnslawpllc.com/contact/.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take all major credit cards.

Are the services refundable?

Once you submit your questionnaire and payment, we start the reviewing your questionnaire and start processing your project very quickly. You can email us at aguila@gnslawpllc.com and inquire about a cancellation. We will honor requests if received promptly before we take action on your project.

When the formation process in completed, how do I get a copy of my documents?

When the process is complete, we will send you all your documents electronically to the email address you provided.

Can you help obtain an EIN?

EINs can be obtained for free at:

I am not a US citizen or resident. Can I open an LLC or Corporation?

Yes. There is no requirement for an LLC or Corporation to have a Member of Shareholder that is a US citizen or resident.

I am not a US citizen or resident. What tax rules apply to me as owner of the LLC or Corporation?

Persons who are not US citizens, US permanent residents, and do not live in the United States are generally not fiscal residents of the United States. Persons who are not fiscal residents only pay taxes on income they receive from United States sources.

Can you connect me to a CPA?

Yes, we have English and Spanish speaking CPAs who we recommend and who can help. We recommend existing clients only.

I have another question.

Contact us at aguila@gnslawpllc.com if you can’t find the answer to your question in this FAQ.


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