Commercial contracts are the linchpin of corporate interactions, crucial for delineating rights, obligations, and protections for parties engaged in business contracts. Our firm stands as an invaluable ally for our clients, offering adept legal support in crafting and managing contracts that not only withstand legal scrutiny but actively facilitate fruitful and seamless business transactions, on time.

What we do:

  • Drafting & Review Contracts: From Master Service Agreements (MSAs), to technology-related contracts, employment agreements, and everything in between, our drafting and review services generate documents that are clear, compliant, and aligned to your unique business requisites.
  • Negotiation Support: We pride ourselves on being deal-makers, not deal-breakers. With a focus on fostering a collaborative atmosphere during negotiations, we ensure that the contracts not only safeguard your interests but also facilitate positive and enduring business relationships.
  • Risk Management Advice: With strategic foresight, we help you preemptively identify and mitigate contractual risks, providing a stable foundation for your business endeavors.
  • Dispute Resolution: Offering sagacious guidance and support, we assist in navigating through contract disputes, aiming for resolutions that are not only favorable but achieved in an efficient manner.

Niche Expertise

Our services extend but are not limited to sectors like technology, specifically in drafting contracts for software services, employment, and independent contractor agreements. Our expertise is also evident in business cycle contracting, where we have successfully negotiated and finalized contracts that encapsulate the entire business cycle, providing a holistic legal framework for our clients’ operations.

Who We Serve

We serve a wide array of clients including startups, SMEs, large corporations, family offices, investor groups, and family-held companies, each of whom have experienced our unwavering commitment and proactive approach in facilitating contract negotiations and drafting.

Unrivaled Expertise

Our legal team is adept at negotiating and finalizing commercial contracts for various industries, encompassing services, technology, employment, and more, with specific prowess in software services contracts, employment and independent contractor agreements, and comprehensive business cycle contracts.

Strategic Partnerships

At our firm, every client is considered a valued partner. We approach each project with a collaborative mindset, working assiduously to understand your requirements and delivering contract solutions meticulously designed to champion your business objectives.

Client-Centric Approach

Our modus operandi is fundamentally client-centric, with bespoke solutions crafted with precision to resonate with your business’s distinct needs and the unique challenges posed by your industry.
Our Commercial Contracts practice area is not only dedicated to ensuring that your contracts are meticulously crafted but also functions as strategic tools designed to fortify and streamline your business operations. At each step of the contract lifecycle, we stand by our clients providing pivotal legal support and strategic advice, from the nascent stages of drafting to robust dispute resolution.
Sample Work Showcase

  • Software Development Agreements: Our team has successfully negotiated multi-year, multi-million dollar software development agreements on behalf of service providers, effectively liaising with their clients, which include renowned Fortune 500 companies. These complex negotiations have consistently resulted in favorable terms for our clients, reflecting not just the legal robustness of the agreements but also their strategic alignment with the client’s business objectives.
  • Credit Facility Agreements: Acting on behalf of privately held companies, our firm has been instrumental in negotiating credit facility agreements with major US banks. These negotiations have been pivotal in securing the financial stability and operational flexibility for our clients, allowing them to navigate their business landscapes with confidence and assurance.
  • Executive Agreements: In the realm of C-level executive agreements, our approach is nuanced and strategic. We’ve negotiated contracts for top executives, ensuring that the agreements encapsulate the rights, responsibilities, and expectations of both parties while safeguarding the interests of the companies our clients represent. These delicate negotiations require a deep understanding of corporate governance and executive compensation, areas where our firm boasts significant expertise.

Work With Us

Embarking on a critical business transaction or navigating through complex contractual landscapes can be daunting, but with our unparalleled expertise and proven track record, you’re not alone. Our dedicated team is ready to provide the strategic legal support and guidance you need at every turn.

For a deeper understanding of the value we bring to the table, check out our list of representative transactions Each transaction tells a story of challenges met, strategies employed, and success achieved, underlining our commitment to our clients and our unmatched proficiency in the field of commercial contracts.

Ready to experience a collaborative approach to legal counsel where your business needs are prioritized, and proactive solutions are crafted meticulously to align with your unique operational landscape? Connect with us at today. Let’s explore how our expertise becomes your asset, turning challenges into opportunities and safeguarding your interests while facilitating growth and success.


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