Our firm provides nuanced legal counsel at the crucial intersection of employment law and business, specifically addressing Employment Agreements, Independent Contractor engagements, and Key Executive Compensation for businesses at various stages, with particular expertise in aiding service companies.

Services Offered

  • Drafting & Review: Diligently crafting and refining employment and independent contractor agreements, as well as executive compensation packages, our team produces documents tailored to safeguard your company and foster positive, compliant working relationships.
  • Negotiation Support: We stand by your side during negotiations, whether you’re an employer, independent contractor, or executive, providing strategic support to secure fair and mutually beneficial terms.
  • Executive Compensation: Our legal professionals assist in devising compensation packages for key executives that are competitive, compliant, and strategically aligned with your company’s objectives.
  • Risk Management & Compliance: With a deep understanding of the legal landscape, we offer proactive advice to navigate through state-specific employment laws and federal regulations, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks associated with non-compliance.

Understanding Employment & Independent Contractor Differences

Independent contractors provide services for compensation without being employees, working for the term necessary to complete specific tasks while retaining control over their work methods and being responsible for their taxes. In contrast, employees work under company oversight and are economically dependent on their employers, eligible for benefits and protections under employment laws. The classification is case-specific, dependent on various factors and tests.

Target Clients

Our services are invaluable for a diverse range of companies, particularly those in the services sector where structuring employment and contractor agreements require careful attention to legal details and compliance.

Work With Us

Navigate confidently through the legal intricacies of employment and contractor engagements with our reliable support. Explore our representative transactions https://gnslawpllc.com/results for deeper insights. Ready to solidify your agreements with experienced legal support? Connect with us at https://gnslawpllc.com/contact today.


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