Launching a successful venture demands vision, commitment, and a robust legal foundation. Our firm empowers entrepreneurs by offering services for startups and company formation, ensuring a secure and legally sound start.

How We Help Startups

  • Startup Planning: We provide comprehensive planning services and invaluable advice before operations commence, proactively addressing potential legal challenges.
  • Legal Structure Creation: We guide you in establishing the optimal legal structure for your business objectives, whether LLCs, corporations, LPs, GPs, or a combination. This foundational work safeguards assets, minimizes liabilities, and sets the stage for success.

Common Entrepreneurial Mistakes & Solutions

  • Inadequate Planning: Entrepreneurs often leap without adequate planning, risking legal pitfalls. We provide strategic planning from the outset, helping identify and mitigate potential legal risks.
  • Wrong Business Structure: Incorrect structures lead to tax inefficiencies and liability issues. We advise on the optimal legal structure, tailored to your unique business.
  • Neglecting Contracts: Contracts are vital. We ensure each contract is meticulously drafted and reviewed to safeguard your interests.

We tailor services for a diverse clientele, including entrepreneurs, family offices, investor groups, and family-held companies. Our firm epitomizes entrepreneurial spirit, swift response times, and a steadfast commitment to seeing deals through to completion.

International Capabilities

We bring a wealth of international business law experience, providing invaluable support to entrepreneurs looking to establish or expand abroad, or foreign entrepreneurs to start a company in the US.

Avoiding Pitfalls

We help you navigate through common startup mistakes, ensuring proper planning, correct business structure selection, and meticulous contract crafting and reviewing.

Work With Us

Embarking on a critical business venture doesn’t have to be daunting with the right legal partner. For a deeper understanding of the value we bring to entrepreneurs and new businesses, check out our list of representative transactions Each transaction tells a story of challenges met, strategies employed, and success achieved, underlining our commitment to our clients and our unmatched proficiency in the field of startups and company formation.

Ready to experience a collaborative approach to legal counsel where your startup needs are prioritized, and proactive solutions are crafted meticulously to align with your unique operational landscape? Connect with us at today. Let’s explore how our expertise becomes your asset, turning challenges into opportunities and safeguarding your interests while facilitating growth and success.


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